Apple AirPods 2 Cases (2nd Generation)

Biodegradable Black Eco Friendly AirPods AirPods (2.Generation) Case
Eco Friendly AirPods Case
Biodegradable White Eco Friendly AirPods AirPods (2.Generation) Case
Eco Friendly AirPods Case

AirPods 2 Cases - Protection for the 2nd generation of Apple headphones

Since the beginning of 2019, the popular AirPods from Apple are now available in the 2nd generation. A faster connection time and significantly longer talk time are just two of the improvements that the new version brings with it. But the advantages of the predecessor are of course all retained. The AirPods 2 also connect with Bluetooth and thus do away with an annoying cable that constantly gets tangled and has to be untangled again and again.

The headphones come in a charging cradle in which they can be conveniently charged when not in use. In order to protect this charging cradle from unsightly scratches and, above all, from breakage, we offer you practical AirPods 2 cases that not only look stylish, but also pay attention to the environment, just like our eco-friendly phone cases

With our AirPods 2 cases, you focus on sustainability

Wenn du dich für eine Apple AirPods Hülle der 2. Generation von uns entscheidest, hast du viele Vorteile. Nicht nur, dass die Hülle selbst von hoher Qualität ist, auch auf unseren Service kannst du dich verlassen! Hier findest du einen Überblick an ein paar Argumenten, die unsere Vielzahl an zufriedenen Kunden überzeugen:

If you choose a 2nd generation Apple AirPods case from us, you have many advantages. Not only is the case itself of high quality, you can also rely on our service! Here you will find an overview of a few arguments that convince our large number of satisfied customers:

Renewable resources

Our AirPods 2 cases are largely plant-based and therefore crafted out of renewable resources, such as corn starch and bamboo. These elements of the cases make them environmentally friendly.

Plastic-free shipping

Not only are our sustainable AirPods 2 cases themselves made without plastic, but also, the shipping and packaging we use is plastic-free to reduce waste and keep your ecological footprint low.

100% biodegradable

Avoid producing large amounts of garbage and trust us with a product that is 100% biodegradable.

Choose between 2 colors

Our AirPods 2 cases are currently available in black and white. In addition, small, brown dots cover the design to make it look even more stylish..

Very good protective function

With the Apple AirPods 2 case, the charging cradle is protected from scratches and breaks even in the event of a fall and will not damage easily..

Faster shipping

We will take care of a faster delivery immediately after ordering, so that you can receive your headphone case as soon as possible.

Easy installation

The cases consist of two parts, one being placed over the charging cradle and the other over the lid. Due to the extremely hard-wearing material, the casing is completely accident-proof.

Eyelet on the lid as a holder

There is a small eyelet on the lid, which you can use to attach the Apple AirPods 2 cover to your keychain or other places so that it is not easily lost.

By the way, you will have the same advantages if you choose the new AirPods 3 cases of the 3rd generation or our Apple AirPods Pro cases. 

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